Materializing from out of the cosmic void emerges Tesla Cøils, the mysterious young prophets on a dark electronic crusade across planet Earth.

This eccentric duo penetrates the senses with no relent with their slicing synth bass lines and melted 80s-style chords. With his haunting baritone, lead singer Jed A. Wølters bellows lyrics of science fiction, alien races and the end of world. All the while, drummer Chris Dennis compliments these chaotic compositions with pounding industrial drumbeats and mechanical drum samples.

With such an oddball sound and chaotic live performances, Tesla Cøils have started to garner attention within Australia’s underground electronic scene. Their sound has been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, The Horrors and Joy Division.

With the recent launch of their debut visual EP entitled “Emergence of the Cosmic Monolith”, it seems Tesla Cøils are on their way to spreading their original sound near and far, from the clubs of Queensland to the bars of the outer galaxies.

"Shadowy men from a shadowy planet. Ominous yet uplifting, quirky yet catchy."
-Blank GC

"This band is an experiment gone wrong for all the right reasons."

"With his shock of unruly, black, spiralled hair and brooding eyes, (Wølters) would look equally fitting at the head of a revolution as he does on stage. Infectiously quirky."