It all started when...

Voices spoke to me as a child. They gradually became vision which came first at night and then during the day as well - vast landscapes and looming predators, more immense than anything I had seen on Earth. I was abducted by extra-terrestrials at a very young age. This wasn't coincidental - these Higher Ones confided important information regarding my ancestry.  I realized I was half Tyrannian, an Ancient Space-race who for since ancient times dwelled within the Tyrannian Quadrant of the outer galaxies, however had since disappeared into oblivion. For my adolescent life I decided to leave Earth far behind on my quest for finding out the truth of this expulsion of my homeland from existence.

Along the way I met Chris (also with Tyrannian blood), at the Titania Spaceport - his band had been recently incinerated in a shocking laser battle. I pitied him and took him along with me, only to realize he was one of the best drummers I had ever seen. During our down time, when our hypersleep chambers were malfunctioning, we began to play together to pass the time. I realized that my synths I had picked up in space-junk deposits were a perfect match to Chris' hard-hitting primal nature.

Upon our final arrival at the Tyrannian Quadrant, we found a static void...dark space, not even remaining debris... had our homeland been destroyed naturally, or by a larger, celestial entity? Regardless of where it had gone to, we were never going to find out the secrets of our ancestors. In the cockpit, we wept together. We were suddenly abruptly interrupted by an synthetic Tyrannosaurus, or 'Dinosynth' - a vintage security biological cybernetic hybrid, coming close to colliding with our ship. We managed to evade the colossal reptile, only to see him gunned down by a mysterious ship...black and covered in spikes... was it a ship or an organism?

Our commsystems sprung to life and delivered a sinister sounding language. It took Chris weeks to translate, but his linguistic skills finally deduced one terrifying message: "IT WAS ALL A MISTAKE. DESTROY THEM ALL. CLEANSE THE BLUE ONE. SEND THE PLAGUE". What was the only blue system in our cosmos? Earth. These Ancient Ones were to destroy Earth. My visions continued. They showed me more sprawling landscapes... immense machinery... gestation chambers... this race, they were the manufacturer of the local planet system. And they were erasing what they had created.

Chris and I knew we had to warn Earth. On our return to the blue planet, nobody believed our stories. We were mentally ill in their eyes. We were clinically insane. So we decided to get our warning out to these consuming masses the way most of them controlled each other: the media. We started Tesla Cøils not so much as an art project, but as a warning. A warning that Earth was in grave danger and the impending threat, whilst virtually unstoppable, had to be stopped.

We will continue to make music until our message is received. May you enjoy your remaining time of existence, for it is limited, but it is special. Cherish it.   

J. A. Wølters